5 Elegant Wedding Themes That Stand the Test of Time

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⁠5 Elegant Wedding Themes That Stand the Test of Time

When you think about the details of your wedding—from invitations and room décor to table decorations and parting gifts—it’s easy to see the appeal of using wedding themes. A theme gives you direction and continuity. For a busy couple, it can help to speed decisions by narrowing your options. Of course, not all themes are created equal. 

As you explore your options around wedding themes, it’s important to choose one that you know you can execute. Some themes are limited, leaving you little room to use them throughout your wedding. Others are easily implemented, making it tempting to go overboard. Some are based on short-lived trends, which risk the possibility of photos that will make you cringe down the road. 

Ultimately, the best wedding themes are those that are robust enough to work throughout the touchpoints of your wedding and subtle enough to not seem too much. Ideally, you want a theme to guide your wedding guests’ experience, while remaining timeless in its appeal. 

To help you find the sweet spot, we’re here with five elegant wedding themes that stand the test of time. As you consider these ideas for your wedding materials and décor, be sure to listen to your instinct. Choose something you’ll love now and will likely appreciate for decades to come.   

1. Garden Chic

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you will need to consider potential wedding themes carefully. Ideally, you will find one that blends into your outdoor setting. Enter the Garden Chic theme, which has plenty of lush surroundings and floral decorations, along with subtle elegance and a minimal vibe. 

Here are some details that can help create a Garden Chic theme for your wedding:

  • Use floral prints (sparingly) on your wedding invitations and thank-you notes.
  • Consider simple, understated wedding attire.  
  • Make the most of your natural surroundings — can you match the color and tones of flowers from nearby gardens?
  • Seat your wedding guests in breezy, open-backed chairs.
  • Let your tables focus on florals, with white or sheer tablecloths and clear glass vases for floral decorations. 

Naturally, for any outdoor wedding themes, the weather is a risk. A Garden Chic wedding will need a fallback plan indoors. Be ready to fill your backup space with plenty of floral designs and décor. Your guests will love the fragrance and the timeless Garden Chic vibe. 

2. Eco-Elegant

If you’re interested in wedding themes that are kind to the environment, while holding a classic, timeless feel, consider an Eco-Elegant wedding. 

As you might imagine, an eco-friendly wedding incorporates sustainable, low-impact practices and details to a wedding ceremony and reception. In turn, it reminds guests to be eco-friendly in their choices around travel, gift-giving and attire. The elegant component of this theme adds a timeless feel, a reminder that eco-friendly doesn’t need to mean sparse or plain.

To use an Eco-Elegant theme for your wedding, consider the following details:

  • Send invitations on sustainable paper, letting your guests know you are proud to host an eco-friendly ceremony and service.
  • Create an eco-friendly gift registry, setting you and your future spouse up for an eco-friendly life.
  • Use sparse, sustainable décor for your wedding venue and table settings (think: wooden signs and platters, local flowers, etc.).
  • Of course, one of the most important aspects of an eco-friendly wedding is the food you serve—consider locally-sourced farm goods and meats.
  • Send your guests home with a chic, eco-friendly gift made of sustainable products.

Of course, the level of green in an eco-friendly wedding will depend upon your tastes and preferences. Some couples, for example, may opt for a vegetarian meal or an eco-friendly honeymoon. Choose which elements work best for you while making a positive impact on the environment. 

3. Classic Bohemian 

Among the most popular wedding themes proven to stand the test of time, is the Boho, or Bohemian theme. A Classic Bohemian wedding offers a flexible, but familiar romantic style for your big day. A Boho theme, known for its freedom of expression, promotes a frugal, simple style and philosophy. 

To use a Bohemian theme for your wedding, consider implementing details such as:

  • Choose a lacy, flowing wedding dress without bustles or tulle.
  • Make a point of combining vintage, natural and rustic decorations, including plenty of candles and burlap-wrapped wedding favors.
  • Lean towards romantic color palettes, including cream, rose, bronze and copper.
  • Use plenty of florals, from your invitations to your table settings and wedding cake.

Let your inner wild child soar. The romance of a Classic Bohemian wedding will surely stand the test of time. 

4. Upscale Glam

If you’ve always wanted a wedding day full of glamor, you may quickly throw other wedding themes aside, in favor of an Upscale Glam event. What exactly is Upscale Glam? It’s exactly as it sounds—full of luxury, attention to detail and over-the-top quality.

To go all-out with an Upscale Glam wedding, make sure you think about details such as:

  • Make your guests feel like celebrities—leave luxe swag for out-of-town guests in their hotel rooms and create dramatic entry points to each of your events.
  • Choose a wedding venue that makes a statement all on its own—a stone-clad mansion with a can’t-miss view or a historic building with built-in style. 
  • Go with bold color palettes with highlights that sparkle—think crystal-clad candle holders, bejewelled wedding invitations and sparkling tablecloths.
  • At every turn, go the extra mile. A tuxedo-clad orchestra? A grand, end-of-night getaway by helicopter? Yes, yes!

Be warned that, unlike some of the other wedding themes, an Upscale Glam event is hard to scale back. Once you start with over-the-top details, it can be hard to pull back. In other words, make sure you have the budget to support this wedding theme.

5. Modern & Minimalist

Among the most popular wedding themes, sure to stand the test of time, is the Modern & Minimalist theme. The beauty of this theme is its simplicity and sense of direction, allowing you to inject a sense of elegance with a minimalistic approach. 

To include hallmark details of a Modern & Minimalist wedding theme:

  • Select a trendy, understated venue.
  • Strategically place modern furniture throughout your reception and waiting areas.
  • Choose a monochromatic color palette with highlights of natural greenery.
  • Think about wearing a subtle wedding dress and having your bridal party in mismatched outfits.
  • Use ghost (transparent) chairs to immediately open a sense of space in your wedding ceremony and reception.

By choosing a Modern & Minimalist theme for your wedding, you will give yourself a sense of direction and unity, while maintaining a clean, crisp overall feel. 

Whether you are dreaming of your one-day wedding or ready to start planning, it’s important to give wedding themes some thought. Not only can they help drive decisions around decorations and details, but they can also give your wedding the cohesive feel it deserves. 

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