Detroit’s 30 Most Sought-After Engagement and Detroit Wedding Photo Locations

detroit wedding photo locations

⁠Detroit’s 30 Most Sought-After Engagement and Detroit Wedding Photo Locations

Whether you are newly engaged or deep in the planning stages of your wedding, this chapter of your love story is magical and full of promise. As you look for ways to share this time with loved ones, you might think of the parties and get-togethers you’ll have with friends and family. To capture the moment more permanently, however, you might consider a formal photo shoot. This is when it’s important to think about engagement and wedding photo locations. 

Engaged couples in Detroit have plenty of stunning options for engagement and wedding photo locations. As you make your plans, be sure to explore the look and feel of as many options as possible. When one feels just right, you’ll know. 

Before we look at the top engagement and wedding photo locations in and around Detroit, let’s first dig into the primary differences between the two events. The nature of each celebration comes with its own parameters and timelines. The location you choose for photos will depend, in part, upon the events themselves.  

Engagement Photos

When you’ve just said, “Yes! I’ll marry you!”, time stands still. In the magical weeks that follow, you’ll likely share your happy news with friends and family, both near and far. This is a great time to capture the moment with a private photo session.

Unlike wedding photos, which usually include an audience of some size and members of your wedding party, engagement photos offer a more intimate experience. Usually, engagement photos capture the couple on their own, in both casual and more formal shots. Your engagement is a highlight of your love story—a point in time you’ll always remember. These photos allow you to celebrate your love and your anticipation for all that lies ahead.

Whether you prefer a romantic portrait session in a lush nature preserve or candid, impromptu shots at one of Detroit’s historic locations, it’s important to think about the setting for your engagement photos. Perhaps you’d like an adventurous outdoor shoot or hope to create a timeless, classic feel for your photos. Metro Detroit offers a long list of stunning locations and beautiful backdrops for your professional photos. 

If engagement photos are important to you, be sure to reach out to professional photographers soon after you are engaged. In this pocket of time, you can plan the look and location for your photos before you dive into the details of wedding planning. 

Wedding Photos

Naturally, deciding on wedding photo locations is a different experience and requires its own planning. Depending on the timing and location of your wedding, you may have restricted options for wedding photo locations. 

Say your wedding is at a church, temple or synagogue, for example, and you plan to have a reception at a second location. Following the ceremony, you can travel to a third site for wedding photos, and plan to meet your guests at the reception site. Given the time to travel, you wouldn’t want to go too far or make your guests wait for too long. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of stunning wedding photo locations in Detroit, from lush gardens and historic landmarks to iconic rooftops and classic, contemporary spaces. As you make your wedding plans, speak to your photographer about securing a location that is close enough to your wedding venues and fits the look and feel you are after.

Where Are the Best Engagement and Wedding Photo Locations in Detroit?

Drumroll, please! No need to search for hours. Here are Detroit’s most sought-after engagement and wedding photo locations. No matter your taste or preferences, you’re sure to find your perfect fit:

  1. Belle Isle ⁠
  2. Belle Isle Conservatory
  3. Cranbrook House and Gardens
  4. Dearborn Inn
  5. Dequindre Cut
  6. Detroit Institute of Arts
  7. Detroit Public Library Main Branch
  8. Detroit Riverwalk
  9. Detroit Zoo
  10. Downtown Plymouth
  11. Downtown Rochester
  12. Eastern Market
  13. Edsel & Eleanor Ford House
  14. Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
  15. Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
  16. Greektown
  17. Henry Ford Estate
  18. James Scott Memorial Fountain on Belle Isle
  19. Kensington Metropark
  20. Maybury State Park
  21. Meadow Brook Hall
  22. Rochester Park⁠
  23. Stony Creek Metropark
  24. The Belt Alley
  25. The Detroit Athletic Club Roof
  26. The Streets of Downtown Detroit
  27. The University of Michigan Law School
  28. The Z Lot Roof
  29. The Whitney
  30. Wright & Company

While you may be familiar with some of these engagement and wedding photo locations in and around Detroit, some are probably new to you. 

Have fun as you explore your options. Think about which spaces would suit you best. Don’t overlook a location just because you haven’t heard of it—you may find an out-of-the-way option that feels just right. At the same time, try to keep an open mind if you have your heart set on one location. If it’s not available—whether it is under construction or has restrictions you couldn’t foresee—there are plenty of excellent alternatives in the Metro Detroit area.

Do Your Research

We’re lucky to have such versatile options for engagement and wedding photography in Detroit. Of course, even with a long list of potential locations, it is vital to do your research ahead of time. The last thing you want is to arrive at a location, expecting to have your photos taken, only to find out you are unable to use the space. 

First, when researching for engagement or wedding photo locations, consider the time of year. The backdrop of Maybury State Park, for example, will look quite different in each season. If you are hoping for fall colors or lush spring greens, you may need to wait several months or choose a more urban location, with potted greenery and florals, to achieve a similar look.

Permission is another important element to keep in mind. Will you need to pay a fee, obtain a permit or book a time to use a particular space? As these factors can change from one season to the next, it is important to call ahead and gather all the information you can. 

Even where permits or bookings are not required, it may be useful to inquire about the use of the space. You may find out if renovations or other disruptions are planned or if they have suggestions for specific areas that might work best. 

A First-Class Wedding Photographer 

At Pro DJ Services, we have a wide range of wedding service experience and deep knowledge of Detroit and its surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you, helping to make your wedding both unforgettable and aligned with your dreams. 

As professional wedding photographers, we pride ourselves on capturing the magic of your love story, from your engagement to your wedding day. We’ll meet with you to understand your hopes and vision, then work with you to secure the best engagement or wedding photo locations. 
Serving Detroit and southeast Michigan, we are proud of the awards and recognition we have received. Whether you are looking for wedding photo booth rental, DJ services, videography, photography or something else, we’re ready to elevate your special day. Contact us to find out more. 


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