10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

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⁠10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

You’ve found the perfect location for your wedding. Congratulations! While the excitement sinks in, so does the realization that you have a long list of details to finalize before your big day. With your location set, your mind will likely turn to some of the main elements that help your wedding day shine, including your wedding DJ. 

A great wedding DJ will help set the tone for your reception and keep things running on time. And yes, he or she will also play the music that speaks to you and your crowd. 

In other words, it’s important to get your wedding DJ right. Not to worry, we’re here to help you figure out just what you need. As you’re planning, here are 10 things to consider when hiring a wedding DJ: 

1. Keep Your Momentum

Once you’ve booked your wedding venue, it’s important to keep moving. While there will be times you can sit back and relax, it’s critical to book certain vendors as soon as possible after you’ve booked your venue.  

Wedding DJs book well in advance. This is especially true for the good ones! Once you have your date locked in place, make a plan to research and reach out to wedding DJs in your area. Before you make your first round of calls, you may want to first narrow your list. 

2. Check Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to shorten your list of potential wedding DJs. They help you selectively reduce the number of DJs you’ll need to contact. Often, reviews will contain honest feedback about personal experience, which can help to predict the kind of experience you might expect.

Of course, a vendor can receive a bad review or two for something out of their control, but if you examine them carefully, you’ll see patterns that help to form an overall picture. What have other couples loved about a wedding DJ? Google and other sites offer a wealth of first-hand knowledge. 

3. Keep Your List Manageable

Once you’ve narrowed your list of wedding DJs to those with solid online reviews, it’s time to meet a few in person. But what if your list is still quite long? A quick call can help you narrow things down. Call each vendor on your list and ask if they are available for your wedding date. 

Use this opportunity to see how they treat you, as a potential client. If you need to leave a message, do they get back to you quickly? Do they treat you with energy and respect? Are they clear about their availability? Chances are, you’ll be able to rule out a handful of potential wedding DJs through this exercise alone. 

4. Listen to Your Intuition

As you speak to potential vendors and look through their websites, it’s important to trust your instinct. Do you get the sense that they are reliable and flexible? Can they keep up with the style and feel you imagine for your wedding day? Have they won awards for their work? Are they experienced in weddings of any size? As you explore and ask questions, your instinct can help to guide you. 

5. Use In-Person Meetings Wisely

When you meet with potential wedding DJs, it’s important to find out if they are up for the job. Before your first meeting, put together a list of questions to help you guide the conversation. When you can compare similar information across vendors, you may end up with a clear winner—the wedding DJ you know is right for you. Even if things aren’t so clear, you’ll still end up with a shortlist that can help you narrow things down further.

6. Look for a Wide Service Offering

When choosing your wedding DJ, look for opportunities for efficiency. Some vendors will offer a wide range of services that you would otherwise look for elsewhere. For example, some wedding DJs offer photography, videography and other must-have services. Others will offer more specialized options, as well, including photo booths, lighting and A/V equipment.

When you choose your wedding DJ, be sure to keep their full range of services in mind. If you need an emcee for your reception, ask if they can fill the role. Once you understand the full range of services offered, you may save yourself time, money and effort by choosing a one-stop-shop. 

7. Business Depth Matters

Similarly, as you consider potential vendors, their depth of service matters. When you meet, ask how many experienced DJs work for their company. What would happen if your scheduled DJ was sick or had some other emergency on the day of your event? Do they have a backup plan?

A wedding DJ service with business depth can move quickly to substitute other team members into place, should the need arise. 

8. Backup Systems Required!

When you meet with potential wedding DJs, be sure to ask if they have backup systems for their equipment. Just as you want to make sure there are reliable substitutes on deck, should something prevent your scheduled DJ from running your event, it’s important to know that your vendor is prepared with technical backups, as well. 

By asking this question ahead of time, you will have greater peace of mind. In the unlikely event of a technology failure, your wedding DJ will be prepared to keep things running smoothly.

9. Schedule Time for Check-Ins

In the busy months before your wedding, it’s important to stay in touch with your key vendors. To make sure you and your wedding DJ stay on the same page, schedule time for check-ins well in advance. 

Between meetings, gather any questions you might have and stick to your meeting times. Scheduled check-ins will help both you and your wedding DJ. While your vendor will stay up to speed with the latest details on your wedding, you will feel both comforted and in control. 

10. Set Your DJ Up for Success 

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that the more you can set your wedding DJ up for success, the better your wedding will flow. As you are communicating with your venue manager, keep your DJ in mind. Has there been a change that might impact the photo booth location? Are there new restrictions on sound or light that will impact the work of your DJ? 

When you set your DJ up for success, you help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. Remember that your DJ team is not only a trusted partner, but they are also there to lift you up and cheer you on. 

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