Plan on Fun with a Wedding Photo Booth

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Plan on Fun with a Wedding Photo Booth

For your wedding day, you want just the right mix of romance, celebration and fun. As you piece together the elements that will make your ceremony and reception feel just right, remember that some need a little more thought than others. If you plan on having a wedding photo booth, for example, there are a few things to consider, to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Done well, wedding photo booth services provide a night of laughter, an intimate connection to your guests and a reception activity that delivers plenty of memories. Done poorly, as you may have experienced at other receptions, a wedding photo booth can disappoint. Between unwanted photos, technology problems and damage to equipment, they can take away from your big day.

So, how do you get the wedding photo booth piece right? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of things to think about.   

The Big Picture: Why Hire Photo Booth Services?

Photo booths have come a long way. Once about single-site photos with a table of props to try, they have expanded into services that make them far more mobile, interactive and flexible. Whether you prefer a closed photo booth, an open-air selfie station or a ring roamer—ready to capture all the fun on the dance floor—a professional photo booth service offers creative options for your big day.  

No matter the photography format, wedding photo booths are classic icebreakers for any wedding reception. As friends, family and new acquaintances pose for photos, they bond with each other, while capturing highlights from the night.

Whether your guests pose with props and backgrounds or simply join in as part of a larger group, a wedding photo booth acts like an attraction at a fair, drawing crowds and encouraging fun. After your guests strike a pose—or several poses—they can print photos on the spot or publish them through social media. 

Finally, wedding photo booth services allow you to experience more of your reception. Whether or not you are present for all the photos taken, you will have access to unlimited prints and an online gallery after your event. 

Why Not Do a Wedding Photo Booth Yourself?

If you’re set on having a wedding photo booth, but want to save money, wouldn’t it work just as well to set one up yourself? The short answer is—No! While it may be tempting to simply lay out a few props and set up the equipment for your guests to take pictures, there are many pitfalls to this plan. 

Some of the most worrisome elements of a DIY approach include:

Quality—Unless you are an expert in photography lighting, a DIY booth is automatically at risk of producing a large number of mediocre photos. Using a professional service gives you access to the highest-quality camera and lighting equipment.  

Damage—No matter the quality of the equipment onsite, an unattended wedding photo booth brings a greater risk of equipment damage. Without meaning harm, your guests could easily damage the camera, lighting or printer equipment, leaving you to pay the bill. 

Tech Fails—One of the most important reasons to avoid a DIY photo booth is the risk of technology failing during your wedding reception. When you’re right in the middle of the fun, the last thing you want to think about is a printer jam or camera failing at your photo booth. A hosted solution provides both tech support and back-up supplies. 

Subject Matter—Unfortunately, unattended cameras can lead to unwanted photos. Your guests may forget that digital copies will be sent to you, the bride and groom. With an unattended photo booth, you could end up with explicit, unwanted memories of your wedding day.

Hazards—Over the course of the night, as props slide to the floor and/or guests have more to drink, your DIY wedding photo booth could become a tripping hazard. While a professional booth attendant would keep props or equipment tidy and safe, an unattended booth can go downhill in a hurry. 

In other words, while it may be tempting to skip the cost of a wedding photo booth and make it work on your own, you are at high risk for both disappointment and extra costs. 

How Do You Get it Just Right?

So, you’re convinced about using professional photo booth services for your wedding. How do you help to set your event up for success? Is there a way to make sure your wedding guests feel comfortable enough to share a casual side of themselves for the more light-hearted images captured at a photo booth? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Know your venue—As you plan for the best experience with photo booth services at your wedding, it’s helpful if you know your date and the basic dimensions of your venue. Many vendors can be flexible, but having a plan in place from the outset is useful to both the venue itself and your photo booth provider. 

Plan for space—Within your wedding venue space, make sure your photo booth and/or selfie station are easily found, with plenty of space around them. In the case of a wedding photo booth, you will need room for a lineup to form, space for props, lighting and other equipment. When in doubt, ask your vendor for advice on where to place your wedding photo booth.  

Ask the right questions—Before you sign a contract with a potential vendor for photo booth services, be sure to ask the questions you need to know. How much space will they need? Can you speak to their references? Can you see examples of their photo booth in action? Do they have backup equipment, in case of a tech fail?

Communicate well—As your wedding date approaches, make sure you touch base with your photo booth vendor to confirm details of your event and space. With clear communication, you will understand where and when your equipment will be set up, what to expect from photo booth services at your wedding and how clean-up and follow-up will work. 

When it comes to wedding planning, peace of mind goes a long way. With a bit of research and some careful planning, you will have more confidence about the wedding photo booth services for your big day. And let’s face it, the more confidence you have in your vendors, the more you can relax and have the time of your life on your wedding night. 

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