Weekday Wedding Celebrations are on the Rise. Would You Consider It?

Weekday Wedding Celebrations are on the Rise

Weekday Wedding Celebrations are on the Rise 

⁠As you explore venue locations for your wedding, you’ll quickly discover one key truth—timing matters. The same venue will book for nearly double the rate on a Saturday in peak season, as it would on a Saturday in the off-season. But if you have your heart set on a spring or summer wedding, are there options to reduce your wedding costs and give you more flexibility? More and more couples are exploring weekday wedding celebrations as an option. 

Would it feel the same to have your wedding on a Wednesday night as it might for a weekend celebration? Naturally, there are pros and cons to weekday weddings, leading to plenty of things to think about. Here, we’ll dive into some of the top things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about weekday wedding celebrations. 

You Could Have More Options

A primary benefit of weekday wedding celebrations is better availability. If you have your heart set on a specific venue, you may discover that it is booked months or even years in advance. If you dig a little deeper, however, you’ll likely find that the long wait applies to weekend weddings, not weeknight events. 

If you don’t want to wait months or years to say “I do” at a particular venue, and you don’t mind the idea of a weekday wedding, you could discover a wide range of new options by shifting your wedding to a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night. While some venues may only reserve weekends for wedding events, most will be happy to add weekday wedding celebrations to fill their calendar and increase revenue. 

Even if you’re flexible with location, there are significant benefits to going with weekday wedding celebrations. With more options available, you’ll likely be able to choose the time of year and date you want, without the stress of having to make a quick decision. When there are more options available, you won’t feel the urgency to sign an agreement—you can likely take your time to explore more venues without worrying about another couple beating you to the booking. 

Vendors Will Be More Readily Available

Venues aren’t the only services more easily booked for weekday wedding celebrations. Other vendors—your wedding DJ, caterer, florist, etc.—will likely have greater availability throughout the week, as well. This availability gives you more freedom to explore your options and find the vendors that feel just right. 

Weekday wedding celebrations will likely give you more options, allowing you to work within a shorter time frame with less stress. While you meet wedding DJs and photographers, sample cakes, and interview florists, you can relax, without feeling the pressure of having to make a quick decision to reserve your spot on their schedule.  

You Could Save Money

Of course, one of the most appealing benefits of weekday wedding celebrations is the possibility of saving on costs. Most venues are keen to have you book a weekday wedding to boost their revenue and balance out their work week. To attract your mid-week business, they might offer a discount or include special services. 

Some vendors may do the same, although weekday discounts are not guaranteed, especially in peak wedding seasons. Rather than count on savings for your weekday wedding celebrations, find a venue and vendors you love, then ask if there are discounts to be had for your mid-week nuptials. Chances are, you could be pleasantly surprised.  

Get Ready to Communicate

One of the drawbacks of a midweek wedding is the amount of communication you’ll likely need to do. Because weekday wedding celebrations are relatively new, your guests—especially the older ones—may be baffled by your willingness to alter tradition. 

If you decide on a Tuesday wedding, be prepared that you’ll likely need to confirm details with many of your guests. 

“Yes, it’s true…our wedding is on a Tuesday night.”

“No, there hasn’t been a print error.” 

“Yes, you’re reading it right—Tuesday.”

While your guests won’t mean any harm, some may require extra hand-holding to confirm the date. You may even have guests who are happy to vocalize their displeasure. Be prepared that some of your guests may protest or complain. To help them see the bright side, you can point out the likelihood of lower travel costs and hotel rates.    

Be Prepared for Lower Attendance

Unless you have a destination wedding, where all your guests are effectively on vacation, weekday wedding celebrations often mean a smaller guest list. Not everyone can make a weekday work—whether they have work or family commitments, or don’t have the holiday time to take off from work, a midweek event can pose a challenge. 

Given the inherent challenges of hosting a weekday wedding, you can expect more of your invitees will need to RSVP with a “no”. Some couples are okay with this idea, knowing it will create a more intimate event, with more time to visit with each of your guests. If you find the thought of a smaller wedding upsetting, or if it wouldn’t feel right to get married without certain people in attendance, check with your VIP guests before booking your weekday wedding celebrations.   

Your Guests May Not Stay

Similarly, a midweek wedding can alter the atmosphere of your reception. With the higher likelihood of work, school, or other commitments the following morning, your guests are more likely to head home earlier than they might have for a weekend wedding. 

If you’re willing to push your evening earlier in the night (perhaps dinner is at 6:00, rather than a more traditional 7:00), you may hardly notice that your guests need to wind things up earlier. Or maybe you’re a fan of an earlier evening yourself and don’t mind the idea of ending before the wee hours of the morning. In either case, you’re not likely to mind that your guests need to head home on the early side. 

While you can control many aspects of your wedding, the departure time of your guests isn’t one of them. If you think an earlier night would bother you, however, you may want to rethink your plans for weekday wedding celebrations.

Trust Your Instinct 

It’s easy to see why weekday wedding celebrations are on the rise. With a greater willingness to alter tradition, couples are opening new possibilities and enjoying greater flexibility. If you are willing to think outside the box for your wedding, you could find yourself with plenty of options, likely at lower rates than weddings held on weekends. 

With the pros and cons of weekday wedding celebrations, it’s important to do your research, have honest conversations with your partner, and follow your instincts. If you are leaning toward a midweek wedding, you may want to ensure that key guests can attend before you make final arrangements. Chances are, your must-have guests will prioritize your wedding plans, and you can sort out the remaining details easily. 

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